Trade Assurance

The Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS)

The Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS) is a HACCP based scheme available to all companies operating in the international grain and feed trades. It covers each stage in the trading and logistics supply chain from farm in the country of origin to delivery to the final end-user in the country of destination. Certifications carried out by lead auditors NSF Certification against two of the scheme manuals (Bulk Storage and Handling and Transport of Goods by Road) are accredited under ISO/IEC 17065.  Certifications carried out against the other manuals making up the scheme also meet these requirements.

GTAS provides in one complete trading and logistics scheme the best professional practices designed to maintain consumer confidence concerning the handling and delivery of safe food and feed. Any company - whether operating within their own country or in the wider international arena - may apply to become certified under the Scheme.

The first version of the scheme (v1.0) was introduced in April 2006. Version 6.0 (v6.0) applies to all audits undertaken from 1st April 2015 until further notice.

Application Procedure

  • UK Companies

UK companies wishing to apply for certification under the Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme are required to complete an application form which should be forwarded with payment directly to the scheme auditors and certification body (CB), NSF Certification. After receipt of payment and the completed application form applicants are contacted to arrange an audit. 

  • Non-UK companies

Companies wishing to apply for certification under the Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme are required to complete an enquiry/quotation form to enable a quotation to be given for the cost of audit and certification which is dependent on individual circumstances. After a quote is given and accepted a date will be arranged for audit by the CB. Requests for quotations should be addressed to NSF Certification or if the company is located in a Russian speaking region the applicant may elect to use an alternative CB TUV Rheinland Ukraine LLC

Mutual Recognition of Schemes

Gafta recognises other trade assurance schemes that have equivalent system requirements and standards to GTAS, and which are considered to provide the same levels of food and feed safety control. Agreements of equivalence allow the flow of goods into and from other certified chains.

Gafta recognises the following schemes in accordance with the relevant scopes per signed mutual recognition agreements:

Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC): UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) Merchants; TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) Merchants, Road Haulage, Storage, Testing.

Belgian Feed Chain Platform (OVOCOM): GMP Animal Feed Scheme; Trading, Storage, Transport by Road, Waterway and Sea.

GMP+ International B.V.: GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP + FC) Scheme; Trading, Storage, Transport by Road, Waterway and Sea.

EU Renewable Energy Directive

The EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC came into effect on 5th December 2010. This legislation introduced targets for renewable energy in EU member states and enables the supply of feedstocks for biofuels and bioliquids. The legislation applies to all goods intended to be classified as “sustainable”, for use as biofuel and bioliquid in the EU which are intended to count towards national renewable energy targets.

Traders and storekeepers that procure, handle, store and deliver goods for biofuels or bioliquids must be able to provide evidence that the requirements of RED are being met, by production of a proof of sustainability certificate or equivalent, issued under an EU approved certification scheme, for each consignment of goods supplied. RED compliance is demonstrated by a chain of custody, evidenced by clearly annotated documentation accompanying goods in transit and by cross checking compliance status with on-line databases. Where RED goods are involved the requirement to operate a RED compliant mass balance system applies.

Detailed information about obtaining certification for compliance with the requirements of RED are available as Appendices in the Trading and Storage Manuals of GTAS.