NOTE: The requirements for the Gafta Approved Register of Analysts are currently under review. For more information please click here: Gafta Approved Register of Analysts - Consultation

Laboratories engaged in the profession of sample analysis, providing certificates on the quality for grain, animal feedingstuffs, pulses and rice, traded on Gafta Contracts terms may be approved to be listed on the  Analysts Register.

To be admitted, laboratories (Analysts) sign a Declaration of Compliance and provide Gafta with the following details:

  • Information on the laboratory including the organisation's structure and operations.
  • List of commodities analysed.
  • Names and qualifications of the chemists and/or analysts performing sample analysis under the Analysts Scheme.
  • Any international accreditation standard held by the Analyst.
  • Name, address and contact numbers of the chemist/analyst in charge of operating the Analysts Scheme
  • An example copy of the certificate of quality provided at loading.

Ring Tests

A ring test is organised by Gafta to assess the ability of an applicant analyst to produce accurate and reliable analytical data. Once approved participating analysts continue to demonstrate their ability on a continuing basis by means of two ring tests in March and September each year.

Registered laboratories agree to follow the methods of analysis required under the terms of the contract, as per GAFTA Form No: 130, Methods of Analysis.

Register of Analysts for Biomass Testing

Gafta has introduced Contracts No. 201, 202 and 203, that may be used for the trading of biomass products. These contracts are largely based on Gafta standard clauses and will develop as experience is gained in the field of biomass. The Sampling Rules No. 124 have been amended to provide for one test where goods are to be sampled and analysed at loading or discharge ports. The contracts require that analysis is carried out by Analysts accredited to ISO 17025 and as listed on the Register of Analysts for Biomass Analysis.

This register is based on a list of Gafta Registered Analysts who have informed Gafta that they have experience in biomass testing, are accredited to ISO 17025 and wish to be listed as being competent in the testing of products destined for biomass usage. No independent proficiency testing has been performed by Gafta to establish competence in this field of analysis, but it is intended to develop this list over time.


A complaint regarding the accuracy of the Register and/or the entitlement of a firm to use the Gafta logo and/or the failure of a firm to act in accordance with any applicable Gafta standard and/or rule must be made, in writing, to Gafta’s Director General by email sent to

 On receipt of the complaint, the Director General shall investigate and decide, in her absolute discretion, what, if any, action should be taken.