Appeal Board exam

exam appeal b background The Gafta Appeal Board exam is aimed at Gafta arbitrators who wish to sit on the Board of Appeal as well as on first tier cases.



The Appeal Board exam is open to Gafta Qualified Arbitrators who:

  • Have served on five first tier tribunals, including at least one as Chair
  • At least one of these arbitration tribunals must have taken place within the preceding 12 months
  • Have no documented adverse feedback on their performance as an arbitrator
  • Can produce their compliant CPD record for the previous 12 months


The Appeal Board exam takes 3 hours and is made up of 15 questions, which are designed to assess the Arbitrator’s ability to clarify and explain their interpretation of complex and/or contentious issues that may arise during arbitration.

Candidates must achieve 75% and answer every question in order to pass


Exam fee: £300 exclusive of VAT

The process:

  1. Notify Gafta that you wish to take the exam
  2. Gafta will check that you meet all the requirements
  3. Notify Gafta where you would like to take your exam. Gafta can host exam candidates at the London and Kiev offices. All other locations must have a Gafta member host who is not your employer
  4. Gafta will confirm who will be hosting & invigilating your exam (for exams not held at Gafta only)
  5. Confirm a date and time for your paper – you must give Gafta at least 1 week’s notice

Contact to discuss your exam requirements


  • For Trade Diploma and Arbitrator Diploma: Candidates who fail the exam can arrange to re-take once. Retakes must be taken within 12 months of the first paper. Candidates who fail the retake paper must wait 24 months before attempting the exam again
  • For Appeal Board exam: Candidates who fail the exam must wait 12 months before they are eligible to retake
  • Candidates must be employees of Gafta members or be members in their own right
  • Candidates must not use their own personal computers/laptops to take the exam
  • Candidates who opt to take the exam anywhere other than Gafta London may be charged an fee towards the cost of room hire and/or invigilation. Additional charges will be agreed with candidates in advance
  • Exams cannot be arranged until the relevant training has been passed
  • If there is a training requirement for the exam, training must have been completed within 5 years of your exam date
  • Exemption decisions are final
  • Exam papers must be written and submitted in English. Candidates are partly assessed on the standard of written English exhibited