During the current COVID-19 situation the Gafta London Office will be closed until 7th September 2020. The Arbitration department are working remotely and have made some changes to the Arbitration procedure to ensure the process continues as close to normal as possible.

We hope the below Questions and Answers are helpful but if you have any further questions regarding the arbitration procedure please contact bethjameson@gafta.com.

Q: Will Gafta be holding virtual hearings?
A: There are no current plans for virtual hearings, but the situation remains under review, and if necessary, an amendment to the Arbitration rules will be considered.

Q: How are Gafta having Awards signed during this period and does this affect their validity/whether they could be challenged?
A: Awards are being signed electronically, this doesn’t affect their validity/ jurisdiction or their ability to be challenged. Furthermore, the awards are being issued electronically only, original copies will be distributed, upon request, when the Gafta office is reopened.

Q: How are Gafta date stamping electronic awards?
A: Gafta have created an electronic Gafta date stamp which will be inserted in the usual format into the awards when issued. For Appeals the date stamp appears on the front page and signature page and for first tier awards the stamp appears on the first page and the final two pages. Finally, all Gafta awards issued electronically will be on Gafta official award paper.

No hard copy submissions will be acknowledged or forwarded during the office closure, all submissions, including the initial claim submissions must be submitted electronically.

The information above is for general guidance only and Gafta accepts no liability for any error or omission, howsoever arising.