Arbitrator Diploma Exam

Why take the Arbitrator Diploma exam?

The Gafta Arbitrator Diploma is aimed at experienced professionals who:

  • Want to work towards becoming a Gafta Qualified Arbitrator
  • Are looking to progress their career within the grain trade

Click HERE to view the Arbitrator Diploma brochure.

Please note: Taking the Arbitrator Diploma exam does not automatically qualify you to be Gafta Arbitrator, you must satisfy all requirements.

Please see the Gafta Arbitrator Qualification page to see how to progress from the Arbitrator Diploma to Qualified Arbitrator status.

The criteria

In order to take the Gafta Arbitrator Diploma exam candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Have attended and passed the four Gafta Professional Development (GPD) courses OR
  • Have attended and passed the six Gafta Distance Learning Programme (DLP) modules OR
  • Have applied for and have been granted exemption from GDP or DLP by the Gafta Arbitration Committee (please note, there is a non-refundable fee of £250+VAT to apply for excemption)

Either route of training must be completed in full in a maximum of five years in order for students to be eligible to take the Gafta Arbitrator Diploma Examination.

Arranging the Exam

The exam can be taken at Gafta’s London office, or by arrangement, at a Gafta member organisation office, as long as they are not your employer.

To arrange your exam, please email and advise us of your preferred month and city in which to take the exam.

Please note: Last-minute requests cannot always be accommodated, particularly if your preferred location is outside of the UK. Candidates who opt to take the exam anywhere other than Gafta London may be charged an administrative fee towards the cost of room hire and/or invigilation. Additional charges will be agreed with candidates in advance. Exams cannot be arranged until the relevant training has been passed.


£300.00 exclusive of VAT