China Grain Law

22 Jan 2020

GN-2020-012 China approves three GM traits for cultivation

On 21st January, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) announced that two GM corn events and one GM soyabean trait have received biosafety certification after the public consultation closed on 20th January 2020.  The three GM... more

31 Dec 2019

GN-2019-289 Announcement No.209 of China’s General Administration of Customs

China has signed protocol with Bulgaria, and from the date of this announcement, China will allow import of qualified Bulgarian DDGs. more

06 Mar 2019

GN-2019-057 China stops importing canola (rapeseed) from one Candian supplier

Today, a spokesman from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lu Kang, at the press conference informed that China stopped imports from one Canadian supplier of canola/rapeseed as a harmful pest was found in the last few shipments. China is... more

17 Jan 2019

GN-2019-014 China corn gap

China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs predicted a bigger supply gap of corn from October 2018 to September 2019 than a year earlier. Corn output for the period is expected to shrink 0.7 percent year on year to 257 million tonnes... more

08 Jan 2019

GN-2019-005 China approves 5 new GMO events

Today, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs published the Approved list of GMO Bio Safety Certificate(for import), which includes the approval of 5 new varieties of herbicide resistance oilseed rape and herbicide resistance soybean.&nbs... more