EU Renewable Energy Directive

The EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC (RED) came into effect on 5th December 2010. This legislation introduced targets for renewable energy in EU member states and enables the supply of feedstocks for biofuels and bioliquids. The legislation applies to all goods intended to be classified as “sustainable”, for use as biofuel and bioliquid in the EU which are intended to count towards national renewable energy targets.

In order to receive public support or count towards mandatory national renewable energy targets, biofuels and bioliquids used in the EU must comply with the EU's sustainability criteria. One way for companies who procure, handle, store and deliver goods for biofuels or bioliquids to demonstrate compliance with the criteria is to participate in voluntary schemes that have been recognised by the European Commission.

GTAS is recognised by the European Commission and enables traders and storekeepers to obtain certification of compliance for the requirements of RED through an addendum to the Trading and Merchanting or Bulk Storage and Handling manuals. Detailed guidance on the requirements can be found in appendices to these manuals.