Education and Training


We currently offer two learning routes, either by attending face-to-face training at various locations worldwide through Gafta Professional Development (GPD) or through our Distance Learning Programme (DLP). Completion of either route entitles students to take various forms of examinations, successful completion of which awards them the Gafta Trade Diploma.

Transferability between GPD and DLP
We currently do not offer transferability routes between the two programmes.

Time Limit
Either route of training must be completed in full in a maximum of 5 years in order for students to be eligible to take the Gafta Trade Diploma Examination.

Upon successful completion of a course or a module, delegates receive electronic certificates confirming that they have successfully passed.

We run seminars on a wide range of subjects, such as changes to contract law, updates on Gafta Contracts and Rules, topics in policy, food and feed safety, sustainability and food security, financial legislation and market updates. These are typically held in our Head Office in London, however we organise a number worldwide, including the annual Trade and Trends Forum, the English Law for Foreign Lawyers Seminar and a range of Masterclasses, held exclusively for Gafta Arbitrators.