DLP Module 3 - Payment and Risk l September 2022 Semester l Online

Module 3 - Payment and Risk


 Module Dates : 12th September 2022 - 2nd December 2022.

 Duration: 12 weeks


Unit 1: Introducing key concepts.

  • Counterparty, commercial and political risks
  • Payment types, certainty and timing
  • Letters of credit

Unit 2: Different types of payment

  • Prepayment
  • Cash against documents or goods
  • Retention of Title clause

Unit 3: Gafta contracts and other issues

  • Key clauses, including payment, insolvency and circle clauses
  • Amounts payable and interest
  • Passing of property

Accessing the module

Students are sent a welcome email the week before the module starts with information on how to access the Agribility™ platform along with login details and module instructions.

For any queries or concerns regarding the Distance Learning Programme (DLP), please contact the Training and Events team at events@gafta.com

We very much regret that, due to the various financial and banking sanctions which have been imposed on Russia (and which are very likely to change at short notice), Gafta is unable to accept payment from, or on behalf of, any entity based in Russia at this time. We cannot, therefore, provide a place on this course for Russian entities at this time.



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