For Arbitrators

Gafta qualified arbitrators and qualified mediators are required to act in accordance with a number of rules and policies and within the Code of Conduct for Qualified Arbitrators and Qualified Mediators. The current versions of these documents can be found on this page.

Rules and Code of Conduct for Qualified Arbitrators and Qualified Mediators
The object of arbitration is to obtain the fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal, without unnecessary delay or expense. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution procedure to facilitate the parties in settling their differences or disputes. These Rules and this Code of Conduct are issued specifically for Gafta Qualified Arbitrators and Qualified Mediators.

Gafta Qualified Arbitrators Annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy
The purpose of CPD is to update one's professional knowledge and skills through activities that will add value to your role as a Gafta arbitrator. All Gafta Qualified Arbitrators are required to record ten hours of CPD each year to maintain their professional standing. This policy provides examples of activities that count towards this requirement.

Letter of Appointment as a Gafta Qualified Arbitrator
This letter, which will be sent on an annual basis, sets out the terms on which you have agreed to be appointed as a Gafta Qualified Arbitrator

Arbitrators Expenses Guidelines and Claim Form
The Expenses Guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive and the general presumption is that expenses which have been reasonably and properly incurred in connection with a hearing will be recoverable. The Guidelines aims to cover all types of arbitrator expenses that could be incurred in connection with a Gafta arbitration. Expense claims must be submitted on the Expenses Claim Form.

Gafta Arbitrator hourly rates
Arbitrators should keep a timesheet of the work they undertake for each of their separate cases. Fees should only be incurred once a deposit has been received. The hourly rate for first tier tribunal members should be determined by each individual arbitrator depending on their experience and expertise. The hourly rate for appeal board members is £175.00 (for all appeals lodged from 14th January 2020). Board members should submit the hours they have worked, the Chair will then work out an average (all hours submitted/4) and the average will become the maximum cap. The average will not be what all arbitrators get paid, if an arbitrator has worked under the average then they will get paid for the hours they worked, if they have worked above the cap then they will get the average cap. The Chair has the discretion to agree additional hours over the average cap if an arbitrator has undertaken exceptional duties: i.e drafting the award or undertaking bespoke research.

All arbitrators should send their final invoice to Paul Collins once the award has been issued.

Guide for New Arbitrators
A guide for new arbitrators, including contact details for the Gafta arbitration team and useful links and documents.

Arbitrator Events
Gafta runs a number of events that are either exclusively for Gafta arbitrators, or may be of particular interest to Gafta arbitrators.