CORONAVIRUS: COVID 19 - Gafta Standard Audits
Gafta and NSF International have implemented live stream auditing to enable audits to continue during on-going restrictions. Click the links to read more:
Live Streaming Technology to be implemented for Gafta Standard Audits
Frequently Asked Questions

The Gafta Standard for Fumigation 7.0 (2018) is a revision of the GTAS Fumigation and Pest Control Manual 6.0 (2015).

Fumigation Standard CoverGafta Standard for Fumigation V7.0 2018

The Gafta Standard was launched in June 2018. Audits to the new Standard for new and existing members will commence in September 2018.

Existing participants of the GTAS Fumigation Scheme will be expected to meet the requirements of the new Standard at their next certification renewal. Requirements will be audited by 3rd party Certification Body NSF International through a site visit by one of their auditors. Gafta will write to each member ahead of their certificate renewal to make the necessary arrangements.

A brief summary of the changes made in the latest Standard can be found here: Fumigation Standard What's Changed

Existing Gafta Fumigation Operator (Category J) members who are already certificated to GTAS Fumigation need take no further action – you will be contacted when your renewal is due to undertake a site visit audit to the new Standard. You will automatically appear on the Gafta Approved Register of Fumigators from its launch in September.

Existing Gafta Fumigation Operator (Category J) members who are not already certificated to GTAS Fumigation will need to be audited to the Gafta Standard in order to become listed on the Gafta Approved Register. If you wish to arrange an audit the Gafta Standard please contact Sarah Mann SarahMann@gafta.com

Fumigators who are certificated to GTAS Fumigation, but are not a Gafta Fumigation Operator (Category J) member will need to join Gafta in order to become listed on the Gafta Approved Register. To join Gafta please complete the online application here: Join Gafta - Fumigation Operators

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A complaint regarding the accuracy of the Register and/or the entitlement of a firm to use the Gafta logo and/or the failure of a firm to act in accordance with any applicable Gafta standard and/or rule must be made, in writing, to Gafta’s Director General by email sent to ApprovedRegisters@gafta.com.

 On receipt of the complaint, the Director General shall investigate and decide, in her absolute discretion, what, if any, action should be taken.