Gafta Professional Development (GPD)

What is GPD?
Gafta Professional Development (GPD) is a programme of 4 face-to-face courses that aim to provide intensive and in-depth training for those who need to understand contracting to trade and/or ship commodities. 
Who is it aimed at?
GPD is aimed at professionals looking to increase their knowledge of the trade and gain a better understanding of Gafta contracts and how they are used within the trade.
What does it cover?
It consists of 4 courses covering the full lifecycle of a trade from contract formation all the way through to shipping and concluding a trade as well as what to do when problems arise and how to resolve them. All content is developed by Gafta, so you can be sure that you are receiving the most up-to-date information at the time of your training. You can find more on each specific course below.

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This is a four-day introductory course to all aspects of the commodity trade. With a day dedicated to contracts, shipping, disputes and a final examination; this course briefly launches the topics covered in greater depth in the other courses. There is an open-book exam at the end of this course. This two-day course looks at trading on Gafta contracts and explains the importance of the terms you are trading on. Real-life case studies and anecdotes give an insight into potential situations students may face within agri-business. There is an open-book exam at the end of this course.     
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This two-day course looks at shipping documents, legal principles and issues such as laytime & demurrage. Interactive case studies and exercises help explain theory in real-life scenarios. There is an open-book exam at the end of this course.  This two-day course looks at how to avoid and minimise disputes/damages as well as the process of Gafta dispute resolution. This course draws on expertise from Gafta's internal experts, law firms and Gafta Qualified Arbitrators. There is an open-book exam at the end of this course.

How does it work?
To get the most out of studying GPD, we recommend taking all the courses in the series order. However, we recognise that this is not always possible due to available dates and locations, so students can take the courses in any order they choose.
The content is designed to flow from one course to the next in the series, but each course does include some appropriate revision of central themes, so if you miss one in the series, you will still be able to follow the trainers.

Structure & Locations
Delivered through a mix of presentations, class discussions, practical exercises and case studies, these courses vary in length from two to four days with each day divided into subject sessions. Successful completion of each is based on passing an end-of-course examination. Our locations and dates change annually. Future training courses can be viewed on our current calendar.


Course Member rate Non-member rate
Trade Foundation Course £1300 £2300
Commodity Contracts
Commodity Shipping
Commodity Dispute Resolution
£750 (per course) £1075 (per course)

*Course fees are due to go up from 1 October 2022

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