GTAS Worldwide

GTAS is one of the only a few truly international schemes, with members in over 20 countries across Europe and beyond including Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

Gafta recognises other trade assurance schemes that have equivalent system requirements and standards to GTAS. Agreements of equivalence allow the flow of goods into and from other certified chains.

Gafta recognises the following schemes in accordance with the relevant scopes per signed mutual recognition agreements. To check status of an approved company click the link.

Scheme Modules Scheme Owner
UFAS Merchants Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)
TASSC Merchants
Road Haulage
Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)
FCA Trading
Transport by Road, Waterway and Sea
Belgian Feed Chain Platform (OVOCOM)
GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP + FC) Trading
Transport by Road, Waterway and Sea
GMP+ International B.V.