Gafta Approved Register Logos

Gafta members who have met the requirements of the Gafta Approved Registers are able to use the Gafta Approved Logos to promote their services applicable to their membership and Approved status.

3 Approved Register Logos SAMPLE 

To apply to use the logo, please send your membership details to:

When looking for a Gafta Approved Supplier - look for the logo!

The Gafta Approved Registers can be accessed on the website here: Membership Directory

If you have any questions about a Gafta Approved Supplier, or about the use of the logo, please contact us:

The permission to use the logo(s) is limited to the Approved services of the member and may not be transferred or licenced to any other part of the business or to any other business. Immediate action will be taken against any misuse of the logo(s), or false claim regarding the Approved Registers or Approved Register Logos.