How does the DLP work?

The Distance Learning Programme is a fully online set of training modules that allow students to access content from anywhere, on any device.

Registration queries

How do I book for the DLP?
Non-UK students: Book through our events calendar
UK students: Book using this form

Should I buy all 6 modules at once, or purchase modules individually?
If you plan to complete the full DLP programme, we recommend you purchase all 6 modules in the bundle package, as this is cheaper than buying them individually.

Can I register for 1 module only, or do I have to do all 6?
Yes, you can do individual modules or take all 6, it is up to you.

I signed up for a module on a specific date, but now I don't have time, can I get a refund?
Yes, if you have not logged into the platform to access the content, you can cancel your place, or defer to another semester.

Practical queries

What are the 'semesters'?
There are 3 ‘semesters’ each year – January, April and March. All 6 modules run in each semester.

Can I take more than 1 module at a time?
Yes, although we do not recommend doing this alongside full-time work as the learning and assignment workload for each module is a significant commitment.

Do I have to take the modules in numerical order?
No, but we strongly recommend that you do. Content is designed to flow from one module to the next and knowledge of material from earlier modules can be vital to a complete understanding of the later ones.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, if you pass all the assignments.

What language is the course in?
The DLP is only available in English.

How long does it take to complete the DLP?
Students usually take between 2-3 years to complete the full programme.

Does the DLP expire?
Yes, DLP modules are only valid for 5 years.

Assignment queries

How many assignments are there?
Each module has several assignments, some quizzes and one final written paper. Students must pass every assignment in order to pass the module.

Who marks my assignments?
Quiz assignments are marked automatically. Written assignments are marked by the module tutor, who will be either an internal or external Gafta expert.

How do I pass the assignments?
Each assignment is related to the content within the module. You must read each section carefully and apply your knowledge in order to pass.

What if I fail an assignment?
Quizzes: You will get 2 chances to pass each quiz assignment. At the end of your first attempt, you will see which questions you got wrong, so you have a chance to go back and re-read the relevant content before you attempt a second time. IF you fail the second time, you have failed the assignment and the module.
Written assignments: Your first submission will be marked by the tutor and feedback will be given on the platform. If you have passed, a 'pass' grade will be assigned. If you have failed, the tutor will give you some tips on what you have missed and you will get 1 chance to re-submit. IF you fail your resubmission, you have failed the assignment and the module.

Are there assignment deadlines?
Yes, all assignments must be completed by the deadlines given in your module instructions.

Can I get assignment extensions?
Extensions are only granted in exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement, illness etc. Students are expected to manage their own workload and balance it appropriately with their day-to-day responsibilities. An increased workload does not constitute exceptional circumstances.

Any student who is found to have plagiarised their work will receive an automatic failing grade for that module. If an original piece of work is re-submitted within 48 hours, then this will be considered and marked by the course tutor. Students who repeatedly plagiarise their assignments may have their course access
revoked. No refunds will be issued in this case.

Structure queries

How is the DLP structured?
The DLP is made up of 6 Modules covering different content areas.

How often do the modules run?
There are 3 ‘semesters’ in each year – January, April and March. All 6 modules run in each semester.

How long is each module?
Each module takes approximately 12 weeks to complete.

Content queries

How do I access content?
DLP modules are housed on our online platform Agribility. Once you have registered and paid for your module, you will be given an access link, username and password

When can I access the content?
DLP module content is available on the day the module opens, as long as you have paid.

How long do I get access to the content?
Your license gives you access for the duration of the module, up until the final assignment has been marked and grades have been awarded. After this, your access to the module will be disabled.

Can I access the materials on my phone?
Yes, but you will need a wifi connection or mobile data enabled.

Can I download the content?
Yes, there is a 'download' button in each module which allows you to save content.

Trade Diploma/Arbitrator Diploma queries

Does the DLP count as my training requirement for the Trade Diploma and/or Arbitrator Diploma exams?
Yes, if you pass all 6 modules of the DLP and they have been taken within the last 5 years.

Can I do some DLP modules and some face-to-face GDP courses and still take the Trade Diploma or Arbitrator Diploma exams if I pass them all?
No, the DLP and GDP programmes are separate routes to the Trade Diploma. Each is specifically tailored to work as a complete program of learning and although the content is the same overall, modules and courses are structured so differently that they are not interchangeable.