Import Controls on Food and Feed

21 Dec 2017

GN-2017-368 India imposes import duty on Chickpeas and Lentils

India : import duty on Chickpeas and Lentils The Ministry of Finance Press Bureau has announed that the Government of India has imposed a 30% duty on imports of chickpeas and lentils.  It will apply with immediate effect. Today's pre... more

14 Sep 2017

MEPs reject reduced food import checks from Fukushima

The EP called on the Commission today to withdraw a proposal that would reduce the number of foodstuffs from Fukushima to be checked for radioactive contamination. Voting through a resolution by 543 votes to 100 & 43 abstentions, the House s... more

22 Dec 2016

GN-2016-416 Special Provisions on Imports of Certain Spices into EU

Commission published Regulation 2106/2016 imposing special provisions on imports of spices from Ethiopia, groundnuts from Argentina, hazelnuts from Azerbaijan, dried figs and hazelnuts from Turkey, Groundnuts from India from 2/12/2016.  Pleas... more

13 Oct 2016

UK FSA Early Warning List on Potential Hazards for Imported Food and Feed not of Animal Origin

FSA have developed an early warning system based primarily on analysis of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) information issued by EU Member States for imports of food and feed not of animal origin.  The frequency of notificat... more

06 Oct 2016

Update on EU Official Controls on Food and Feed

Celcaa have provided an update on EU official controls for food and feed legislation following a meeting with the European Commission. Timetable: There was a political agreement in trilogue (Parliament, Council and Commission) reached on... more