Information for DLP students

If you are a student on the DLP, you may find the following useful.

Access queries

How do I access content?
DLP modules are housed on our online platform Agribility. Once you have registered and paid for your module, you will be given an access link, username and password

When will I get access to the content?
DLP module content is available on the day the module opens, as long as you have paid.

How long do I get access to the content?
Your license gives you access for the duration of the module, up until the final assignment has been marked and grades have been awarded. After this, your access to the module will be disabled.                                                                                                                     

I have paid for all 6 modules, will I be automatically registered for the next one?
No, you must register for the next semester of your choice using this form.

If the module starts and my company hasn't paid, will I get access to the content?
No. The module will only open to you if you have paid.

I am logged in but I can't see my module, why?
If you cannot see your next module, check the start date (you will not get access before the start date). If the start date has already passed, check that you have paid for the module.

I lost my password
To reset your password, use the 'forgotten password' link on the Agribility platform.

Assignment queries

How many assignments are there?
Each module has several assignments, some quizzes and one final written paper.
Students must pass every assignment in order to pass the module.

Are there assignment deadlines?
Yes, all assignments must be completed by the deadlines given in your module instructions.

Can I get assignment extensions?
No (as a rule). Extensions are only granted in exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement, illness etc. 
Students are expected to manage their own workload and balance it appropriately with their day-to-day responsibilities. 
An increased workload does not constitute exceptional circumstances.

How long should I spend on each assignment?
Quizzes: at least 30 minutes
Written assignment: 2-4 hours 

Who marks my assignments?
Quiz assignments are marked automatically. Written assignments are marked by the module tutor, who will be either an internal or external Gafta expert.

How do I pass the assignments?
Each assignment is related to the content within the module. You must read each section carefully and apply your knowledge in order to pass.

What if I fail an assignment?
Quizzes: You will get 2 chances to pass each quiz assignment. At the end of your first attempt, you will see which questions you got wrong, so you have a chance to go back and re-read the relevant content before you attempt a second time. If you fail the second time, you have failed the assignment and the module.
Written assignments: Your first submission will be marked by the tutor and feedback will be given on the platform. If you have passed, a 'pass' grade will be assigned. If you have failed, the tutor will give you some tips on what you have missed and you will get 1 chance to re-submit. If you fail your resubmission, you have failed the assignment and the module.

How long do I have to resubmit my 2nd attempt?
5 days from the date the feedback was given.

I can't finish my resubmission within 5 days, what do I do?
In certain circumstances, a student can arrange a late submission of up to 7 days for a 2nd assignment attempt. 
There is a fee of £200 for this service.

When will my assignment be marked?
We aim to mark all assignments within 1-2 weeks after the submission deadline.

Can I submit my assignment early?
Yes, you can submit your written assignment at any time, however it will not be marked before the deadline.

Any student who is found to have plagiarised their work will receive an automatic failing grade for that module. If an original piece of work is re-submitted within 48 hours, then this will be considered and marked by the course tutor. Students who repeatedly plagiarise their assignments may have their course access revoked. No refunds will be issued in this case.

I don't agree that I have failed my assignment, what can I do?
Tutors will give very clear guidance to students who have failed their first attempt at the written assignment, to ensure they know which topic areas they need to revisit and revise. If the student does not demonstrate that they have read and understood the feedback and adjusted their assignment accordingly, a failing grade will be given. This grade is final. IF you believe that a genuine mistake has been made, or the wrong file has been marked, you can contact the administrator at, however this is not an opportunity for students to argue their case further, or submit further attempts.

Tutor and tutorial queries

When are the tutorials?
Tutorial dates and times are listed in the instructions issued at the beginning of the module.

Are tutorials compulsory?
No, but we strongly recommend that you attend all tutorials. Students who do are statistically more likely to pass assignments.

What are tutorials?
Tutorials are online chat sessions with the module tutor where students discuss a set case study.

Can I download the tutorial transcript?
No, but it will be emailed to you.

Practical queries

How do I get my certificate?
Your certificate will be automatically generated by the platform when an overall 'pass' grade is applied to you. You can find your certificate in the 'Awards' section of the platform. If you cannot see your certificate straight away, please wait up to 15 minutes, refresh your page and try again.

Can I study on my phone/tablet?
Yes, but you will need a wifi or data connection. You can also download the 'Pulse' app which will convert the content into a more device-friendly format.

Who to contact

For all DLP queries, email

Students are not permitted to contact the course tutors outside of tutorials for any reason.

Complaints and Feedback

If you would like to give feedback or are unhappy with your experience of the DLP, please email

Your message will be reviewed and responded to within 72 hours.

Should your query not be resolved within this first communication, it will be escalated to the Head of Training.