Market Access

07 Dec 2016

GN-2016-395 Reminder Changes: Fumigation of Cargoes to India

This circular is to remind members that as of 16th December, Indian authorities are expected to apply strictly the provision to have cargoes fumigated with methyl bromide. Indian plant quarantine rules require that imported cargoes are fumigated... more

01 Nov 2016

GN-2016-362 Changes to EU Import Export Licence Rules; TRQ Review

Reminder:  Changes to the EU IMPORT AND EXPORT Licence rules Please note requirements for EU import and export licence for cereals except rice change on 6th November.  LICENCES ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED for grains except rice a... more

25 Oct 2016

GN-2016-331 EU Reform of Tariff Rate Quota Management and Changes to EU Licences-Intervention

Defra have informed that the Commission has been undertaking a review of all common market organisation (CMO) legislation to align it with the Lisbon Treaty as well as looking to consolidate and simplify provisions where possible.  As... more

12 Oct 2016

GN-2016-332 EU Plans to Increase TRQ Quantities with Ukraine

Late September, it was reported that the European Commission proposes to increase its Ukrainian grain imports duty-free to support the Ukranian economy.  The proposals include an increase of annual tariff rate quotas by 100,000 tonnes of wh... more

21 Mar 2016

Final Drafts of Proposed EU Rules on Public Intervention and Private Storage Aid

Further to my email of 4 February, please see attached the final drafts of the proposed delegated and implementing regulations covering public intervention and private storage aid.  The implementing regulations will be submitted for a vote... more