Mifid II Implementation

07 Dec 2016

GN-2016-393 EU Commission Adopts Regulatory Standards on Position Limits and Ancillary Exemption

Two final standards affecting the commodity sector and requried to implement Mifid II have been adopted by the European Commission on 1st December.  The two  regulatory technical standards (RTS) are attached: RTS 20 on the Ancilla... more

25 Oct 2016

EU Mifid II Negotiations and COCERAL Position on RTS 21

Coceral has informed that the EU agri-food chain has sent letters to the MiFID Rapporteurs and AGRI Committee MEPs to raise their awareness on RTS 21 and  to the danger of further reducing position limits. Please find attached a copy of thi... more

12 Oct 2016

Coceral Mifid II Update on RTS 21 Discussions

Coceral Mifid II update on RTS 21 discussions Coceral's Mifid II working group has prepared a draft letter on RTS 21 to submit once the latest Commission version is submitted to interservice consultation.  Please find the draft availab... more

29 Sep 2016

Coceral Mifid II Information Session - Programme and Registration Open

Traders and operators involved in the agricultural commodity derivatives will now have to comply with the various legal and transparency requirements under MIFID II. As this complex legislation and the accompanying regulatory technical stan... more

13 Sep 2016

Mifid II Implementation - Draft Letter to EU Authorities

Coceral has circulated a draft letter to send to EU authorties on RTS 20 and RTS 21 reflecting the trade's position. The purpose of the letter is to remind DG AGRI and FISMA of the trade's position on key issues during crucial negotiations between... more