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Section 1: The Basic Contractual Arrangements

  • Roles of parties and terminology
  • Seaworthiness
  • Reasonable despatch and deviation
  • Care of cargo and dangerous cargo

Section 2: Charterparties

  • Types of charterparties
  • Liabilities and formalities
  • Duties of the shipper

Section 3: Voyage Charters

  • Key elements of voyage charters including owner and charterer obligations
  • Sub-chartering
  • Preliminary voyage and loading
  • Freight, Laytime and demurrage

Section 4: Time Charters

  • Basic framework of time charters
  • Owners’ warrantees
  • Employment and indemnity
  • The charter period and hire
  • Withdrawal of vessel for non-payment

Section 5: Bills of Lading

  • Receipt as to goods shipped, condition and leading marks
  • Effect on other representations
  • As a document of title
  • Legal action
  • Registry system and paperless cargo

Section 6: International Conventions

  • Hague Visby Rules: Application, duties and defences
  • Carriers responsibilities and immunities
  • Package limitation
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