New Logos and Branding

The launch of the draft Gafta Standard for Fumigation and Pest Control also marks the launch of new branding for Gafta's Trade Assurance Standards and Gafta Approved Reigsters.

A new logo has been developed for the Gafta Approved Registers.

Gafta Approved Register colour logo

The draft Gafta Standard for Fuimgation and Pest Control has been published with a new, fresh and professional layout.

Fumigation Logo Cover

The other manuals will be published in the new style and layout as they are revised.

Members of the Gafta Approved Register for Fumigators will also be able to use a logo to promote their listing on the Register to potential clients.

Gafta Approved Fumigator logo

Logos have been developed for the Gafta Approved Register of Analysts and the Gafta Approved Register of Superintendents and will be launched next year as the manuals and requirements for the Registers are reviewed and revised.