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16 Jun 2022

GN-2022-130 June 2022 Gaftaworld member magazine now available on Gafta website

The latest issue of Gaftaworld is now available to download and read on the Gafta website, Members can login to our website to access the pdf version. The June edition of Gaftaworld reports on the Gafta annual Di... more

16 Jun 2022

GN-2022-129 EU - 6th package of sanctions against Russia - Inclusion of beet pulp

Coceral have informed that on 3rd June, the EU has agreed a sixth package of restrictive measures against Russia which was published in the Official Journal under Council Regulation (EU) 2022/879 of 3 June 2022 amending Regulation (EU) No 833/2014... more

15 Jun 2022

GN-2022-127 WTO agricultural negotiations (MC12) - short update - 15th June

Following yesterday’s circular GN/2022/125,126, discussions continued today at the WTO Ministerial Conference. There was a Thematic Session on WTO reform and E commerce/Moratorium which lasted most of the day. It is now clear that the Minist... more

15 Jun 2022

GN-2022-128 EU IMPORTS AND EXPORTS CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2021 - 15-06-2022 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORTS IMPORTS Common Wheat 25,944,104t 2,368,282t Common Wheat Flour 516,538t 233,898t Durum Wheat 967,122t 1,250,441t Durum Wheat... more

14 Jun 2022

GN-2022-126 WTO agricultural negotiations - short update from day 2 - MC12-14th June

Following on from yesterday’s circular GN/2022/125, discussions continued today at the WTO Ministerial Conference MC12. The focus was on the Fisheries text and also on the text for a Ministerial Decision on Agriculture. Draft text for Minis... more