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13 Jun 2022

GN-2022-124 EU amends high risk list of food and feed imports from third countries

The EU Commission has published today, 13th June 2022, Regulation 913/2022 updating the list of high risk food and feed imported into the EU  and subject to temporary increased official controls from third countries according to Regulation 66... more

13 Jun 2022

GN-2022-125 WTO agricultural negotiations - short update from day 1 - MC12 - 13th June

The WTO is holding its first Ministerial Conference (MC12) this week after four and a half years and its first meeting in Geneva in 11 years. Over 106 Ministers and Deputy Ministers spoke yesterday at the Session “Challenges facing the multi... more

10 Jun 2022

GN-2022-123 EU import duties - What are current calculations for EU import duties on cereals?

The EU published the latest factors they take into account to calculate the EU import duties on cereals which are published weekly on the last working day. Please see the latest publication attached. All futures prices (CME Minneapolis) are price... more

09 Jun 2022

GN-2022-121 EU IMPORTS AND EXPORTS CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2021 - 08-06-2022 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORTS IMPORTS Common Wheat 25,336,799t 2,313,303t Common Wheat Flour 505,778t 226,902t Durum Wheat 946,169t 1,223,576t Durum Wheat... more

09 Jun 2022

Private Sector Mechanism Newsletter on Issues Related to the UN Committee on World Food Security - May 2022

IAFN/PSM Annual General MeetingThank you to all those who have registered for the Annual General Meetings of the IAFN and PSM to be held virtually, and in person at the Kolbe Hotel, Rome. Please see below the key dates, meetings, and events: 13... more