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14 Feb 2017

GN-2017-042 Russian exports reach 23 mmt

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that as of 8th February 2017, exports reached 23,01 million metric tonnes of grain since the beginning of the marketing year 16/17. This included 17.939  million metric tonnes of wheat, 2.993 million ton... more

13 Feb 2017

GN-2017-040 Brazil CONAB crop assessment - February 2017

CONAB released its 5th report with production estimates on Brazlian grains for 16/17.  The  production volumes are estimated at 219.17 million tonnes, up 32.53 mmt  on previous harvest. Source: CONAB Feburary report Grain... more

09 Feb 2017

GN-2017-038 EU publish revision to list of countries benefitting from GSP

Please note that the European Commission has made changes to the list of countries benefitting from the GSP regime.  The revised regulation 217/2017 was published today. Coceral have reported key changes: Ukraine - having signed the trade de... more

09 Feb 2017

GN-2017-038 Status of EU TRQs; imports and exports certificates 9-2-2017

1.EU IMPORT TARIFF QUOTAS FOR CEREALS EU Ukraine TRQ current status (annual quantities)   Date Quantity granted 2017 Remaining quantities 2017 Barley 3/2/2017 3,000t 251,200 t Wheat ... more

09 Feb 2017

GN-2017-037 EU rice market management 9-2-2017

Please find attached documents from the EU rice market management committee. • EU Import and export licences • EU imports of husked, semi milled & milled rice • Imports of Basmati Rice from India and Pakistan Utilisation of... more