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24 Apr 2017

GN-2017-119 Ukrainian grain exports reach 35.3 million metric tonnes

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced on 21st  of April 2017 that Ukraine has exported 36.291 million metric tonnes of grain since the beginning of marketing year 2016/17. Exports includes 15.436 million metric tonnes of wheat, 15.629 mi... more

24 Apr 2017

GN-2017-118 Status of EU TRQs; imports and exports certificates 20-4-2017

1.EU IMPORT TARIFF QUOTAS FOR CEREALS EU Ukraine TRQ current status (annual quantities)   Date Quantity granted 7/4/2017 Cumulated total granted for 2017 Remaining quantities 2017 Barley 14/4/2017... more

24 Apr 2017

GN-2017-117 EU rice market management 20-4-2017

Please find attached documents from the EU rice market management committee. • EU Import and export licences . EU imports per EU country 01/09/2016 to 20/4/2017 • EU imports of husked, semi milled & milled rice • Imports of... more

24 Apr 2017

GN-2017-116 DG AGRI Market Prices for grains 20-4-2017

DG AGRI is now publishing regular updates of EU market prices to increase transparency of EU grain markets and to understand the marketing stage of the cereal prices reported. The prices refer to malting barley, durum wheat, rye, maize, oats, whea... more

24 Apr 2017

GN-2017-115 Canada publishes grains and pulses outlook

Canada's  Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) published the March outlook report for the current crop year, 2016-17, and the up-coming 2017-18 crop year. For most crops in Canada, the crop year runs from August 1 to Ju... more