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26 May 2022

GN-2022-112 UK Genetic Technology Bill: enabling innovation to boost food security

New legislation will make the UK the best place in the world to invest in agri-food research and innovation Tech to develop Precision-bred plants and animals will bolster food production, resistance to pests and diseases, and resilience to clim... more

25 May 2022

GN-2022-111 Reminder: UK to remove section 232 duties on corn imports from US on 1st June 2022, UK GMO approvals on time

To recall, the first GMO approvals have taken place in the UK. These GMO approvals also coincide with the removal of UK retaliatory duties on corn imports from US as part of the WTO Steel and Aluminium dispute (Section 232 tariffs) on 1st June 202... more

24 May 2022

GN-2022-110 EU IMPORTS AND EXPORTS CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2021 - 24-05-2022 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORTS IMPORTS Common Wheat 24 132 185t 2 217 030t Common Wheat Flour 488 783t 218 013t Durum Wheat 912 790t 1 198 830t Durum Wheat Meal 195 6... more

23 May 2022

GN-2022-108 Canada: Outlook For Principal Field Crops - May 20, 2022

This report is an update of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada’s (AAFC) and provides the outlook for the 2022-23 crop year.  For 2022-2023, the area seeded to field crops in Canada is forecast to increase marginally from 2021/22 as... more

23 May 2022

GN-2022-109 EU approves two GMO traits (soybean and maize)

The EU Commission authorised two GMO approvals, including maize and soybean on 20th May 2022. The GMO approvals will be valid for ten years and the applications apply to imports for food, feed and processing but not "for cultivation". Decision (E... more