Online Short Course FAQs

Registration Queries

How do I book for an online short course?
Student registration takes place on

Do I have to take all the short courses?
No, you can just select the course(s) you want to take

Is there a discount if I book more than one short course?
No, there is no bulk-booking discount for multiple modules

How long does my registration last?
You have 12 weeks of access to the course materials from the date of registration. After this, your access will be revoked.

Practical queries

How do I access the course?
Once your registration is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation with a link to the Agribility platform. You will be given a username and password which you must keep safe.

Do I have to take the course on a specific date?
No. Online short courses are entirely self-study, so you can take the course at any time convenient for you.

Do I have to take all the courses?
No, you can pick as many, or as few, as you like

Can I take more than 1 module at a time?

Can I access the materials on my phone?
Yes, the course is available anywhere you have a wifi or data connection. Courses can be downloaded and accessed offline if needed. The Pulse app will also allow you to view materials in a mobile-friendly environment.

Do I have to take the courses in any order?
No. These courses are designed as stand-alone learning modules.

Will I get a certificate?
Yes, if you pass the end of module quiz

What language are the courses in?

How long will it take to complete a module?
This will depend on your learning style and speed, however we anticipate each course to take between 30mins - 1.5 hours to complete.

Do these modules count towards the training requirement of the Trade Diploma and Arbitrator Diploma exams?
No, only the DLP or GPD courses are valid for this.

Quiz queries

What is the end of module quiz?
A short quiz, usually around 10 questions, designed to test your understanding of the material covered in the module.

What is the pass mark?
You need a score of 80% or higher to pass the quiz

What happens if I pass?
If you pass the quiz, a certificate will automatically be generated for you to download.

What happens if I fail the quiz?
You will have 3 chances to pass the end of module quiz. If you fail all 3, then you have failed the course overall. If you want to gain a certificate for this module, you will need to re-book and pay for the module again.

Who marks the quiz?
The quiz is marked automatically

Is there a deadline for the quiz?
No, you just need to make sure you take it before the end of your module access. Extensions are not granted.

Structure queries

How are the short courses structured?
Each course is a mixture of written and interactive learning material. Students work their way through a series of information and activities and then take a final quiz.

Is there a tutor?
No, all online short courses are self-study