Refuse Derived Fuels

17 Oct 2017

Refuse Derived Fuels: Code of Practice now released

This circular is to notify you that Eunomia representing the refuse derived fuel industry has launched a code of practice on "refuse derived fuel" for the UK. The code of practice covers loading/unloading, storage at ports and tackles many... more

05 Oct 2016

Refuse Derived Fuel Update

FSA and Gafta held a meeting to update on developments around RDF across UK ports following last discussion in the Raw Materials Committee. FSA have already visited Tilbury and Goole Ports, have organised future visits at Grangemo... more

11 May 2016

Refuse Derived Fuel Update on FSA Actions

As discussed at the last Raw Materials Committee Meeting, FSA agreed to raise the issue of RDF and issues around quality, storage and safety at the Standing Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs Committee at the end of April.  A brief dis... more

09 Mar 2016

Refuse Derived Fuel - Follow-up Actions from Working Group Conference Call

Gafta made presentation on RDF issue at the last FSA ACAF meeting on 17th February.  Gafta's RDF working group  discussed some action points and next steps yesterday. Please find a note attached. The different proposals to find a... more