Approved Register Committee

The Gafta Approved Register Committee (ARC) comprises 12 members representing different categories of membership, and different regions as follows:

  • 1 chairman
  • 2 members of Council (one to act as vice-chairman)
  • 2 members of Gafta in category C – Superintendents
  • 2 members of Gafta in category F – Analysts
  • 2 members of Gafta in category J – Fumigators
  • 3 members of Gafta in categories A and/or K – Traders representing Europe, Americas and Rest of World

    Secretariat is provided by Gafta staff. The language of the committee is English.

Aims and objectives

ARC will be responsible for:

• Overseeing the operation of the Gafta Codes of Practice for the Approved Registers of Analysts, Fumigators and Superintendents and associated Gafta Standards, Gafta Rules and Methods, in particular: 
  -  Keeping the technical specifications under review
  -  Maintaining their relevance to current practice and market and regulatory requirements
• Overseeing service delivery of the Approved Registers
• Reviewing performance of the Approved Registers and identifying opportunities for improvement
• Identifying and facilitating opportunities for collaboration
• Identifying and facilitating opportunities for raising awareness/marketing
• Identifying and facilitating opportunities for training, including sourcing speakers

Expert Groups

ARC will have at its disposal three expert groups made of Gafta analyst, fumigator and superintendent members, to provide technical guidance on specific issues. 

Expert Groups will be convened on an ad hoc basis and attended by relevant members of ARC.

Additional temporary resource(s) can be brought into any expert group for any ad hoc projects, reviews or specific queries.

Expert Groups will meet ‘remotely’ via electronic means (audio or audio-visual).

ARC will be responsible for reviewing and approving actions proposed by the expert groups.

 ARC will report to Council. ARC will liaise with other Gafta committees as required.

To contact the Approved Registers Committee please email