Superintendent & Fumigators Committee

This Committee is made up of representatives from Superintendent and Fumigator membership categories. The Committee keeps under review the No. 123 Weighing Rules and No. 124 Sampling Rules. It is responsible for revising the Code of Practice for Superintendents when appropriate, the No. 132 Fumigation Rules and the UK Phytosanitary Standard Operating Procedure. 

Analysts Expert Group

This group is made up of Gafta Referee Analysts and members of the defunct Scientific Committee. The current task of this Expert Group is to review the Gafta No. 130 Analytical Methods against other recognized methods like ISO and make recommendations to other Gafta Committees.

Transport by Road Expert Group

This expert group is made up of invited road haulage experts and advises the GTAS Technical Advisory Group and other relevant committees on road transport operations, in particular in relation to food and feed safety issues.

GTAS Technical Advisory Group

This Group is made up of representatives from Gafta as Scheme Owners and the lead Certification Body NSF Certification. This Expert Group makes decisions and recommendations regarding operational issues surrounding the application and delivery of GTAS.