It is a requirement of all standard Gafta contract forms that analyst, fumigation and superintendent services are performed by Gafta Approved members.

Using Gafta Approved members ensures:

  • Your suppliers conform with the high international standards set by Gafta
  • Your suppliers have been audited by an independent third party
  • Your suppliers are following the current best practice which is regularly reviewed by industry and stakeholders
  • Your suppliers meet your customers’ needs and your contractual requirements by adhering to the Gafta Methods and Rules which provide consistent and up to date processes for their activities

How to find Gafta Approved Member

Membership Directory: Gafta Approved Registers

  • The Membership Directory lists all those members who have met the requirements of the Approved Register. You can search for Analysts, Fumigators and Superintendents, by country if necessary.
  • The Membership Directory is updated in real time – please ensure you cross reference your chosen supplier to ensure their approval is up to date.
  • Look for the Logo – members who are listed on the Gafta Approved Registers can use the Approved Logo(s) to demonstrate their compliance

3 Approved Register Logos SAMPLE