12 Sep 2017

GA-2017-10 Correction: Changes to Gafta Contracts

CORRECTION: CHANGES TO GAFTA CONTRACTS Further to our circular, GA/2017/09 informing members of changes to a number of Gafta contracts, a drafting error has been identified, which is corrected as follows: The sentence "The Sellers shall have the goods ready to be delivered to the Buye... more

23 Aug 2017

GA-2017-09 Contract changed 01 September 2017

Following careful consideration at both Gafta’s Contracts Committee and International Contracts and Policy Committee, Gafta Council has approved the following changes to a number of Gafta Contracts. The changes will be effective for contracts entered into on or after 01 September 2017. ... more

11 Aug 2017

GC-2017-09 Gafta Methods of Analysis - Rules No. 130

Gafta Methods of Analysis - Rules No. 130 Gafta has recently completed a major review and overhaul of its analytical methods. The Gafta No. 130 Analytical Methods must be used by laboratory facilities when establishing the quality of goods traded on Gafta contracts. The methods cover the m... more

09 Jan 2017

GA-2017-01 NOTICE

Lost Bills of Lading – M/V Sammy The vessel “Sammy” completed loading of in Baie Comeau, Quebec, Canada on December 11, 2016 and Bills of lading were issued accordingly. Unfortunately, the Original Bills of lading were lost in transit by the courier company. The... more

22 Nov 2016

GC-2016-12 Notice

"Notice to Cargo Owners, Consignees, Shippers and/or Freight Forwarders" There are cargo-laden containers owned and/or operated by Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd (the “Containers”) presently lying in our terminals and facilities. To ensure that we maintain an optimal port capacity to... more