DLP Module 1 Introduction to Contracts l April Semester l 2021

Module 1 – Introduction to Contracts

Section 1: Negotiation of a Trade

  • Pre-contractual considerations
  • Formation of a contract
  • Contract terms and amendments
  • Importance of standard clauses, including insurance, arbitration and mediation.

Section 2: Cost Insurance Freight (CIF), Cost and Freight (C&F), Cost Insurance Freight Free Out
(CIFFO), Cost and Freight Free Out (C&FFO) Contracts

  • Duties of all parties
  • Introduction to shipping documents
  • Tender documents, invoicing and other relevant documents.
  • Identifying common problems and ways of solving them

Section 3: Free on Board (FOB) contracts

  • How and when to make a nomination and discussion of withdrawal
  • Who is responsible for supervision, customs and loading the goods
  • Presenting documents: What, when and who?

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