Gafta Contract Terms and Approved Registers

Gafta contracts include specific clauses which are relevant to the appointment of analysts, fumigators and superintendents during the trade of agri-commodities and feedstuffs. The clauses make it a requirement that these service providers are listed on the Gafta Approved Registers, which in turn ensures that those operations are carried out consistently using specific Gafta requirements and procedures.

By the end of this module, the learner should be able to:

  • Discuss the requirements for analysts, fumigators and superintendents 
  • Identify and understand the contract clauses applicable to the use of analysts, fumigators and superintendents
  • Explain the purpose and requirements of Gafta Approved Registers 
  • Have a basic understanding of the applicable Gafta Rules:
  1. 130 Methods for Analysis
  2. 132 Rules for Fumigation
  3. 123 Rules for Weighing 
  4. 124 Rules for Sampling


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