Laboratories engaged in the testing of agricultural commodities and/or animal feedstuffs can apply to be listed on the Gafta Approved Register of Analysts. Approved Analysts are able to provide certificates of analysis for grain, animal feedingstuffs, pulses and rice, traded on Gafta Contracts terms.

In order to comply with Gafta contract terms, parties to the contract must use the services of a Gafta Approved Analyst. The Approved Register of Analysts can be accessed here:

Gafta Approved Register of Analysts


A Gafta Approved Analyst must:

1. be a laboratory engaged in the testing of agricultural commodities and/or animal feedstuffs
2. be a member of Gafta in Category F – Analysts
3. participate in the Gafta Ring Test Scheme and achieve satisfactory results
4. hold a valid certificate of conformance to the Gafta Standard for Analysis and Testing OR hold a valid certificate of accreditation to the latest version of ISO17025 with the appropriate scope (see Code of Practice)
5. carry out testing in accordance with Gafta No.130 Register of Analysis Methods.

Analyst CoP Front Cover 2021
Click here to download: Analysts Code of Practice 2021

Please download and complete this form when submitting your ISO17025 accreditation certificate. Certificates and completed forms should be sent to
Submitting ISO17025 Evidence - Gafta Approved Register of Analysts

Ring Tests

A ring test is organised by Gafta to assess the ability of an applicant analyst to produce accurate and reliable analytical data. Once approved participating analysts continue to demonstrate their ability on a continuing basis by means of two ring tests in March and September each year.

Unless otherwise advised, for Round 1 participation the closing date is 1st January and for Round 2 participation the date is 1st July each year. New laboratories applying to join the scheme after these dates will be added to the list of participants for the next round of testing.

Registered laboratories agree to follow the methods of analysis required under the terms of the contract, as per GAFTA Form No: 130, Methods of Analysis.

GRTS Front CoverClick here to download:Gafta Ring Test Scheme Rules and Procedures

Gafta Standard for Analysis and Testing

The Gafta Standard for Analysis and Testing is provided for members who do not wish, or are unable to gain accreditation to ISO17025. Accredited members may also consider certification to the Gafta Standard as an alternative to an amendment to their accreditation.

Analyst Std Front CoverClick here to download: Gafta Standard for Analysis guide WEB

To commence the audit process for the Gafta Standard, please complete and return this application form: ANALYST Audit Application Form 2021

CORONAVIRUS: COVID 19 - Gafta Standard Audits
Gafta and NSF International have implemented live stream auditing to enable audits to continue during on-going restrictions. Click the links to read more:
Live Streaming Technology to be implemented for Gafta Standard Audits
Frequently Asked Questions

Gafta Approved Analyst Logo

Analyst Logo - Sample WatermarkGafta Approved Analysts are able to use the Gafta Approved Logos to promote their services applicable to their membership and Approved status. We are encouraging traders to ‘look for the logo’ so to apply to use the logo, please send your membership details to


A complaint regarding the accuracy of the Register and/or the entitlement of a firm to use the Gafta logo and/or the failure of a firm to act in accordance with any applicable Gafta standard and/or rule must be made, in writing, to Gafta’s Director General by email sent to

On receipt of the complaint, the Director General shall investigate and decide, in her absolute discretion, what, if any, action should be taken.