26 Jun 2020

GN-2020-216 EU Tariff Rate Quotas current status and EU cereals prices at 25-6-2020

1. EU IMPORT TARIFF QUOTAS FOR CEREALS - summary below - full details attached EU wheat imports - US, Canada and all origins The 2nd tranche of the wheat tariff quota (Regulation 1067/2008) is now open.The in quota duty for wheat is 12€/t ... more

26 Jun 2020

GN-2020-217 EU import duties - What are current calculations for EU import duties on cereals?

The EU published the latest factors they take into account to calculate the EU import duties on cereals which are published weekly on the last working day. Please see the latest publication attached. All futures prices (CME Minneapolis) are price... more

26 Jun 2020

GA-2020-08 Defaulters on Awards of Arbitration

Defaulters on Awards of Arbitration In accordance with the Arbitration Rules Form No: 125, Members are hereby notified that the following firm has been reported for having failed to comply with an Award of Arbitration as per Rule 24.1: Gafta Awa... more

24 Jun 2020

GN-2020-215 Canada Outlook for Principal Field Crops - June 23, 2020

This report is an update of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's (AAFC) May outlook report for the current 2019-20 crop year and the up-coming 2020-21 crop year. For 2019-20, total exports of all field crops are expected to decrease slightly from t... more

23 Jun 2020

GN-2020-214 EU IMPORT AND EXPORT CEREALS, AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2019-22-6-2020 (EU +UK) and RICE

CEREALS (mt) EXPORT IMPORT Common Wheat 33,230,169t 2,007,264t Common Wheat Flour 543,508t 28,499t Durum Wheat 968,036t 2,070,260t Durum Wheat... more