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09 Jan 2017

GA-2017-01 NOTICE

Lost Bills of Lading – M/V Sammy The vessel “Sammy” completed loading of in Baie Comeau, Quebec, Canada on December 11, 2016 and Bills of lading were issued accordingly. Unfortunately, the Original Bills of lading were lost in... more

09 Jan 2017

GN-2017-006(2) India: relaxation of fumigation rules on imports of agricultural commodities - 31.03.2017

Following on from our previous circular note in December GN/2016/395 which informed that the Indian authorities were going to apply strictly provisions to have cargoes fumigated with methyl bromide at port of loading and have a certificate accompa... more

09 Jan 2017

GN-2017-006 Catagena Biosafety Protocol discussions in Mexico December 2016

  Catagena Biosafety Protocol discussions in Mexico December 2016 IGTC sent delegation to partake in the Cartagena Biosafety Protocol discussions in 4-17 December, COP MOP 8.  A full report is attached for your information. The key di... more

09 Jan 2017

GN-2017-005 World Wheat, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat and Oats export statistics - November 2016

World Wheat, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat and Oats export statistics - November 2016 Export statistics for world wheat, barley, maize, buckwheat and oats  by destination, for major exporters for month of November (marketing year 15/16)... more

05 Jan 2017

GN-2017-004 Status of EU TRQs; imports and exports certificates 5-1-2017

1.TRQ IMPORT STATUS: EU TRQ current status (annual quantities) : see annual table for 2016 management period attached. STATUS EU CUSTOMS DATA ON IMPORT AND EXPORT LICENCES  OILSEEDS and CEREALS at 1/7/2016-4/1/2017 Please note the wee... more