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22 Mar 2021

GN-2021-064 Canada: Outlook For Principal Field Crops - March 18, 2021

For 2020-2021, the outlook incorporates recent information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) and the USDA Outlook Conference. Despite record crop production, carry-out st... more

22 Mar 2021

GN-2021-066 EU IMPORT AND EXPORT CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2020-22-03-2021 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORT IMPORT Common Wheat 19 336 396t 1 632 123t Common Wheat Flour 316 076t 22 787t Durum Wheat 262 412t 1 987 299t Durum Wheat Meal 172 912t... more

19 Mar 2021

GN-2021-063 EU import duties - What are current calculations for EU import duties on cereals?

The EU published the latest factors they take into account to calculate the EU import duties on cereals which are published weekly on the last working day. Please see the latest publication attached. All futures prices (CME Minneapolis) are price... more

19 Mar 2021

GN-2021-062 Argentina production estimates published on 18th March 2021

The Argentine Ministry of Agriculture published the latest grain estimates: March 2021 mmt Production Exports Wheat 17.60 (20/21est) 10.0 (20/21 est) Barley 4.5 (20/21est) 3.3 (20/2... more

19 Mar 2021

GN-2021-061 Australia-China - Next step in WTO process to support barley producers

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment announced that Australia will request the World Trade Organization (WTO) establish a dispute settlement panel in the next phase of the process to resolve anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed... more