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22 Apr 2015

GN-2015-192 EU to Allow Renationalisation of GM Authorisations for Import - Gafta Seeks your View

As announced today, the EU published its proposal "COM (2015) 177 final " to restrict or prohibit the use of GM food and feed in its territory. This proposal is expected to be formally published on Friday in the Official Journal. The proposal inte... more

21 Apr 2015

GN-2015-189 Amendments to the EU High Risk List of Food and Feed

The proposed upcoming changes to Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 669/2009 were discussed at the Working Group on 17th April 2015. These amendments will be presented at the meeting of the Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed on Friday 5th June... more

20 Apr 2015

UK-2015-06 REMINDER - UK Implementation of MiFID II - Roundtable Event

The UK regulator is considering what policy choices need to be made to implement Mifid II. Financial Conduct Authority published a discussion paper on 26th March indicating some discussion area. The attached document will give you a high-level ove... more

20 Apr 2015

GN-2015-179 Global Wheat, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat and Oats Export Statistics - February 2015

Export statistics for world wheat, barley, maize, buckwheat and oats by destination, for major exporters for month of February (marketing year 14/15). Please access the table attached: Australian... more

20 Apr 2015

GN-2015-187 Canada Publishes Grains and Pulses Outlook

This report provides an update of AAFC's March outlook report for the current crop year, 2014-15, and the up-coming year, 2015-16. For most crops, the crop year in Canada starts on August 1 and ends on July 31. For 2014-15, the crop year in Canad... more