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04 Mar 2015

GN-2015-114 Ukraine Grain Exports Reach 24.7 mmt and Russian Grain Intervention 4,725 mt

Ukraine Grain Exports Reach 24.7 mmt The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced that as of 3rd March, Ukraine has exported 24.7 million metric tonnes of grain since the beginning of the marketing year. Exports included 9.3 million metr... more

04 Mar 2015

GN-2015-115 EU Published Monthly Supply Demand on Cereals, Oilseeds and Rice

DG Agriculture published the latest EU supply demand forecast for cereals, oilseeds and rice on February 2015. EU Cereals Supply Demand forecast 2014/15 (000 mmt) see table: Total cereal supply forecast for 2014/15: 374.4 mmt Total Use: 324.4... more

04 Mar 2015

GN-2015-116 Latest EU Presentation on Cereals Market Situation

The EU's DG AGRI division have published 6 presentations. Please follow the link to: Cereals Market situation   Crop weather   EU Cereals... more

04 Mar 2015


We have been notified of the following by ANEC: “São Paulo, February 27, 2015 Ref: Continuity of the Truck Drivers Strike Despite efforts by the government and entities representing the cargo road transport sector to reach an agre... more

04 Mar 2015


We have been notified of the following by ANEC: “São Paulo, March 2, 2015 Re: Truck Drivers Strike – Updated on Mar/02/2015 The strike movement by truck drivers is losing strength since last Friday, February 27th. However, t... more