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30 Mar 2015

GN-2015-157 Ukraine Grain Exports Reach 26.7 mmt and Russian Grain Exports Reach 25.94 mmt

Ukraine Grain Exports Reach 26.7 mmt The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced that as of 27th March, Ukraine has exported 26.7 million metric tonnes of grain since the beginning of the marketing year. Exports included 9.7 million met... more

30 Mar 2015

GN-2015-158 EU Published Monthly Supply Demand on Cereals, Oilseeds and Rice

DG Agriculture published the latest EU supply demand forecast for cereals, oilseeds and rice on March 2015. EU Cereals Supply Demand forecast 2015/16 (000 mmt) see table: Total cereal supply forecast for 2015/16: 372.9 mmt. This includes 167.9... more

30 Mar 2015

GN-2015-159 Latest EU Presentation on Cereals Market Situation

The EU's DG AGRI division have published 5 presentations. Please follow the link to: Cereals Market situation Crop weather EU Cereals Balance sh... more

30 Mar 2015

GN-2015-160 EU Trade's December Forecast for Grains and Oilseeds for 2014-15

The EU grain trade published its grain and oilseeds forecast for the EU 28. The EU 28 cereal harvest for 2015 is forecast at 302,520 mt and oilseeds at 31,648 mt for 2015. The forecast includes EU 28 soft wheat production at 138,628 mt, barley a... more

26 Mar 2015

GN-2015-148 Cooperation Speeds up China and Latin America Agricultural

Route 163 in the State of Mato Gross, west Brazil, becomes one of the busiest roads in the South American country during February and March every year, as it links soybeans, the country's most important agricultural export commodity, to their bigg... more