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02 Feb 2015

GN-2015-059 EU Published Monthly Balance Sheets on Cereals and Rice

DG Agriculture published the latest EU supply demand forecast for cereals, oilseeds and rice on January 2015. EU Cereals Supply Demand forecast 2014/15 (000 mmt) see table: Total cereal supply forecast for 2014/15: 371.4 mmt Total Use: 322.6 m... more

02 Feb 2015

GN-2015-060 EU Cereals, Oilseed and Rice Market Situation, Balance Sheet Update

Please follow to the link four presentations from DG AGRI, European Commission on the EU: Cereals Market Situation EU Cereals Balance sheet and forecasts more

30 Jan 2015

GN-2015-052 Status of EU imports under TRQs

GN-2015-052 Status of EU imports under TRQs more

30 Jan 2015

GN-2015-054 EU Rice Market Management 29-01-2015

Please follow the link below to a document from the EU rice market management committee dated29/01/2015 including: EU Import and Export Licences up to 29/01/2015 EU Imports of Husked, Semi Milled &... more

30 Jan 2015

GN-2015-057 EU Issues Licences for Import of Rice under TRQ

The EU Commission published Regulation N°2015/136 issuing licences for Rice under TRQ for January period. 1. Quantities allocated for January: A. Wholly milled or semi milled Rice (CN code 1006 30) as provided for in Article 1(1)(a) of Regul... more