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11 Mar 2021

GN-2021-056 India – Requirement for GMO free certificates for imported food consignments – Authorised officers at Ports

Following previous circulars, you are aware that India requires GMO free certificates to accompany shipments for 24 different crops which entered into force on 1st March. See Gafta circulars GN/2020/334, GN/2021/018, GN/2021/053 India has publis... more

11 Mar 2021

GN-2021-054 EAGC report on the ban of maize imports to Kenya from Uganda and Tanzania

The East African Grains Council has reported informed on the recent ban on maize imports from Uganda and Tanzania, (shared by IGTC). On 5th March 2021, the Government of Kenya through the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) banned the importatio... more

11 Mar 2021

GN-2021-055 EU and U.S. suspend all tariffs linked to the Airbus and Boeing disputes for four months

Please find attached EU regulation 425/2021 suspending commercial policy measures on products imported from the USA imposed following trade dispute (Boeing Airbus) under Dispute Resolution of WTO. The US and EU have agreed to mutually suspend all... more

11 Mar 2021

GN-2021-057 China notify new wheat and soy standards to WTO

This circular is to inform members that China has notified Wheat and Soyabean Quality Standards to the WTO TBT committee on 9th February. Wheat standard accessible at: more

09 Mar 2021

GN-2021-053 India – Clarification - Requirement for GMO free certificates for imported food consignments

Following on from our previous circulars GN/2020/334 and GN/2021/018 relating to Indian requirements for a GMO free certificate to accompany imported consignments of 24 crops listed in Annex 2, a further clarification has been published. There ha... more