17 Dec 2020

GN-2020-411 Turkey extends 0% duties on wheat, durum wheat, barley and corn until end April

Following on from previous circular GN/2020/341, the Turkish government published today a notification in the Official Gazette announcing the extension of the 0% customs taxes for Wheat, Durum Wheat, Barley and Corn. This will now apply until 30th... more

17 Dec 2020

GN-2020-410 Russian resolution to apply export quotas for wheat, corn, barley and rye

See previous circular No 369/2020. The Russian Government updated the following information relating to two resolutions on their website on 14 December 2020. The Government intends to set a tariff quota of 17.5 million tons, which is stated in R... more

16 Dec 2020

GN-2020-408 Ukraine harvest update 14 December 2020

The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine has published that the harvesting campaign has been finished as of 14th of December 2020. The official data shows that 83,8 mmt of main crops have been harvested from the ar... more

16 Dec 2020

GN-2020-409 UK Global Tariffs: some technical amendments published

Today, 16th December, some technical amendments to the UK Global Tariffs were published that corrects data inconsistencies. Since the publication of the UK Global Tariff (UKGT) in May 2020, the Government has identified a number of technical chan... more

15 Dec 2020

GN-2020-407 EU Import TRQs - Administration of TRQs based on the 'first come, first served' principle

EU Import TRQs - Administration of TRQs based on the 'first come, first served' principle The Commission has published today in the EU official journal the agricultural tariff rate quotas (TRQs), managed by the European Commission’s departm... more