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11 Apr 2022

GA-2022-12 Defaulters on Awards of Arbitration

In accordance with the Arbitration Rules Form No. 125, Members are hereby notified that the following firm has been reported for having failed to comply with an Award of Arbitration as per Rule 24.1: Gafta Case no 18-490Maxgrain International Lim... more

08 Apr 2022

GA-2022-11 Settlement of Award of Arbitration

This is to advise you that further to circular no: GA/2022/10, the following firm has settled the Award of Arbitration as per clause 24.1 of Gafta Arbitration Rules No. 125 and they should not therefore be considered defaulters: Gafta Case Number... more

08 Apr 2022

GN-2022-075 EU import duties - What are current calculations for EU import duties on cereals?

The EU published the latest factors they take into account to calculate the EU import duties on cereals which are published weekly on the last working day. Please see the latest publication attached. All futures prices (CME Minneapolis) are price... more

06 Apr 2022

GN-2022-074 EU publishes S&D projections 2022-23 for cereals, rice, proteins and oilseeds and latest presentations on market situation

Please find attached the European Commission's balance sheets and forecasts for cereals, proteins and oilseeds for 2022/23 published 1 April 2022. Also link to Cereals, rice and... more

06 Apr 2022

GN-2022-073 EU monitoring of Alternaria toxins in food

The EU has published Recommendation 553/2022 on the monitoring for the presence of Alternaria toxins in Food. The indicative levels are set out for sesame seed, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, treenuts, cereal based foods for infants and young ch... more