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05 Mar 2021

GN-2021-049 EU and U.S. agree to suspend all tariffs linked to the Airbus and Boeing disputes

The EU and U.S. agreed today to suspend all retaliatory tariffs on EU and U.S. exports imposed in the Airbus and Boeing disputes for a four-month period. The suspension allows both sides to focus on resolving this long-running dispute. It provides... more

03 Mar 2021

GC-2021-04 ANEC Contractual Appendices and Clarification Notices

ANEC has issued contractual appendices and clarification notices, which are attached as well as being available on the ANEC website. DisclaimerAll Gafta Circulars and Notices are provided to Members purely for the purposes of information. We ha... more

02 Mar 2021

Private Sector Mechanism Newsletter on Issues Related to the UN Committee on World Food Security - February 2021

CFS47CFS47 took place 8-11 February. We are thrilled to have had a delegation of 60 individuals from 29 countries representing the Private Sector. A full report on the plenary sessions and side events throughout the week is attached for your revie... more

01 Mar 2021

GN-2021-045 Gafta Standard for Fumigation: Version 8 Published

The Gafta Standard for Fumigation V8.0 2021 is a revision of the Gafta Standard for Fumigation V7.0 2019. Many of the changes have been made to bring consistency with the Gafta Standard for Analysis & Testing and the Gafta Standard for Supervi... more

01 Mar 2021

GN-2021-046 EU IMPORT AND EXPORT CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2020-28-02-2021 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORT IMPORT Common Wheat 17 556 233t 1 556 185t Common Wheat Flour 289 334t 20 728t Durum Wheat 181 237t 1 948 925t Durum Wheat Meal 156 733t... more