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05 Apr 2022

Private Sector Mechanism Newsletter on Issues Related to the UN Committee on World Food Security - March 2022

Assistance for the conflictThe World Food Program (WFP) has begun an emergency operation in Ukraine, providing food assistance through food parcels, or where possible, cash assistance. WFP currently plans to reach more than 3 million people in Ukr... more

05 Apr 2022

GN-2022-072 EU IMPORTS AND EXPORTS CEREALS, RICE AND OILSEEDS at 01-07-2021 - 05-04-2022 (EU 27 only)*

CEREALS (mt) EXPORTS IMPORTS Common Wheat 20 078 092t 1 932 158t Common Wheat Flour 409 823t 183 521t Durum Wheat 726 613t 1 066 936t Durum Wheat Meal 164 1... more

04 Apr 2022

GN-2022-071 EU Tariff Rate Quotas current status and EU cereals prices at end March 2022

1. EU IMPORT TARIFF QUOTAS FOR CEREALS - full details attached Please find attached the update on quantities available for import under the EU import tariffs quotas (TRQs). 2. DG AGRI Market Prices for cereals and rice DG AGRI has published... more

04 Apr 2022

GN-2022-070 UK Tariff Rate Quotas - quantities, coeffecients, decisions published

The UK RPA has published update to the TRQ coefficients/allocations for cereals, rice, olive oil and poultry on 30 March 2022. You can access all TRQ updates at: Summary below for cereals and rice... more

04 Apr 2022

GN-2022-067 EU import duties - What are current calculations for EU import duties on cereals?

The EU published the latest factors they take into account to calculate the EU import duties on cereals which are published weekly on the last working day. Please see the latest publication attached. All futures prices (CME Minneapolis) are price... more