Trade Assurance

The Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS)

The Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme (GTAS) is available to all companies operating in international grain and feed trades. It covers each stage of the trading and logistics supply chain from farm in the country of origin to delivery at final end-user in the country of destination.

GTAS is a HACCP based scheme designed to maintain consumer confidence in the handling and delivery of safe food and feed. It assists organisations to comply with EU and UK food and feed legislation, and provides full traceability in the supply chain, maintaining the integrity and reputation of the products.

GTAS is audited by independent certification bodies NSF Certification and DQS GmbH to international ISO/IEC 17065 requirements.

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Reasons to Achieve GTAS Certification

  1. Regulatory Compliance

GTAS is regularly reviewed to ensure the scheme is up to date with all relevant regulatory changes. Gafta technical committees and expert groups provide guidance on ongoing policy needs, legislative changes and governance.

Following GTAS standards with independent audits helps you to check your business is up to date with all the latest feed and food hygiene requirements.

  1. Risk Management

GTAS is a HACCP based system and works on principles to minimise losses, damage and contamination risks in your business. HACCP principles have been incorporated into European food and feed hygiene regulations, voluntary assurance standards, and are often an end-user requirement in many markets.

The use of independent, UKAS accredited certification bodies ensures your customers have confidence in your products and services.

  1. Due Diligence

Certification to GTAS, audited by an independent 3rd party certification body, can help demonstrate due diligence under food safety law should something go wrong.

  1. Access to European and Other Markets

Mutual recognition agreements with schemes across Europe allow the flow of goods into and from other certified chains without the need for additional checks and paperwork, and maintain the assured status of food and feed from producer to end-user and consumer.

It is a requirement of some markets to be certified to GTAS (or equivalent) before you can export food and feed to them; for example UK barley must come from a fully assured supply chain to be exported to China.

  1. Demonstrate Commitment to High Standards

After successfully completing the required audits organisations are allocated a unique identifier, are able to display the GTAS logo and state they are 'GTAS Assured'. The GTAS scheme is completely transparent with certification status available online through our GTAS Database Assurance Checker facility. Suppliers and customer are able to check the status of an organisation and also use the GTAS Database to find certified organisations to do business with thus increasing your business opportunities.

  1. Access to Other Schemes

GTAS certification is a recognised quality management system and one way of meeting the requirements to become listed on the Gafta Register of Approved Superintendents and Surveyors.