28 Apr 2016

GN-2016-139 EU Rice Market Management 28-4-2016

Please find attached documents from the EU rice market management committee. EU Import and Export Licences EU Imports of husked, semi milled & milled rice Imports of Basmati Rice from India and Pakistan Utilisation of im... more

28 Apr 2016

GN-2016-138 DG AGRI Market Prices for Grains 28-4-2016

DG AGRI is now publishing regular updates of EU market prices to increase transparency of EU grain markets and to understand the marketing stage of the cereal prices reported. The prices refer to malting barley, durum wheat, rye, maize, oats, whea... more

28 Apr 2016

GN-2016-137 Ukrainian Grain Exports Reach 33.3 mmt

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy announced that as of  27th April 2016, 33.3 million metric tonnes of grain were exported since the beginning of the marketing year 2015/16. Exports included 14 million metric tonnes of wheat, 15 million metric... more

28 Apr 2016

GN-2016-136 EU Issues Licences for Import of Rice under TRQ

The EU Commission published Regulation N°2016/653 on 27th April issuing licences for April subperiod and allocating quantities for the July subperiod.  Allocation coeffecient for April subperiod: A. Wholly milled or semi milled Rice&... more

26 Apr 2016

GN-2016-135 Russian Grain Exports Reach 29.951 mmt

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that as of 20th of April 2016,  29.951 million metric tonnes of grain were exported from Russia in the current agricultural year. This included 21.760 million metric tonnes of wheat, 4.040 million me... more