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CORONAVIRUS: COVID 19 - Gafta Standard Audits
Since April 2020 Gafta Standard Audits have been carried out by NSF International by live video streaming to enable audits to continue during on-going restrictions.

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Live Streaming Technology to be implemented for Gafta Standard Audits
Frequently Asked Questions

From 1 January 2023 On-Site Audits will return

  • All initial (first time) audits will be on-site for new members.
  • Analysts will be required to undergo an on-site audit on alternate years.
  • Fumigators and Superintendents will be required to undergo an on-site audit every 5 years.
  • All other annual audits will be carried out remotely by video conferencing.
  • All Audits will be subject to Terms & Conditions which can be downloaded here: Gafta Standard Audits Terms and Conditions August 2022 

Gafta runs three Approved Registers for those members who provide their services in support of the trade of agricultural commodities and animal feedingstuffs:
Three Registers Description

Traders: for more information about using the Gafta Approved Registers Click Here

Audits to Gafta Standards

  • Audits to the Gafta Standards are arranged through Gafta.
  • To commence the process, please complete and return the applicable application form:

ANALYST Audit Application Form 2021
FUMIGATOR Audit Application Form 2021
SUPERINTENDENT Audit Application Form 2021

  • Gafta will issue the invoice for the audit. Audits cost £950.
  • Audits are carried out exclusively by NSF International (UK).
  • Audits are carried out remotely by video streaming, in English.
  • Gafta will instruct NSF to make the arrangements for the audit once payment has been received.
  • Please ensure you have read the requirements in the relevant Gafta Standard and can provide the auditor with evidence of compliance.
  • For more information about the individual requirements for each Approved Register, please click on the link on the right. 

Why should your business be listed on the Gafta Approved Registers?

  • Demonstrates to your customers that you conform with the high international standards set by Gafta
  • Up to date requirements reviewed by industry and stakeholders ensures your business is following the current best practice for the technical services in the international trade of agri-commodities
  • Online register provides one place for your customers to find you
  • The Approved Register logo enables a clear visual aid for your customers to instantly identify your Gafta Approval
  • Gafta Methods and Rules provide a consistent and up to date processes for your activities to meet your customers’ requirements

Why choose the Gafta Standards?

  • Industry specific requirements to enable you to meet your customers’ requirements.
  • Continually reviewed by industry to ensure up to date practices and processes.
  • Lead Auditors from one of the leading certifiers in the industry are experienced and regularly trained to high standard to support your business’s conformance.
  • Simple, fast process – one, single day audit can normally be arranged within a few weeks of payment.
  • Often a less complicated, cost effective alternative to ISO accreditation, especially for smaller businesses.

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