Gafta's arbitration service provides parties who use our standard forms of contract with a system to resolve trade disputes in a fast and efficient manner.

Arbitration Rules No. 125

Expedited Arbitration Procedure Rules No. 126

Arbitration for Maritime

Gafta also offers an arbitration service for maritime disputes arising under the Gafta Charterparty. These disputes are adjudicated by qualified arbitrators, who are experts in maritime matters.

Arbitration Rules No. 127


Additionally, we offer contracting bodies an alternative to Arbitration, by using Mediation to resolve disputes. Mediation can be used at any time and is a useful way to assist parties in negotiating solutions whilst at the same time preserving trade relationships.

Mediation Rules No. 128


All arbitrations are adjudicated by Gafta Qualified Arbitrators. In order to maintain its high standards all Gafta Qualified Arbitrators and Mediators must demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development to keep up-to-date on all contractual and arbitral issues.

Appointment of Arbitrators

Gafta’s qualified arbitrators must have been actively engaged in the grain and feed trade for at least ten years.  Experience in the trade plus the training and examinations ensures the required level of expertise and commercial aptitude in determining the range of issues put to Gafta Arbitrators.

Arbitration and Mediation Rules

Gafta Arbitration Rules are incorporated in all Gafta standard forms of contracts. The rules provide for a two-stage arbitration system. The latest version of the No. 125 Arbitration Rules are effective from 1st September 2018. The Expedited Arbitration Procedure Rules No. 126 are effective from 1st November 2018. The other Arbitration and Mediation Rules effective from 1st June 2014.

Arbitration Committee

The aim of the Arbitration Committe is to provide transparency regarding the policies and procedures of all aspects of the arbitration services, including clarifying the relationships, roles and responsibilities between Gafta and Arbitrators.

Arbitration 125 Rule fees

1st Tier
Association fee: £950 (plus any courier, room hire, paper charge)
Non-member's fee: £1,500 each

£10,000 when both parties are members
£11,500 when one party is a non-member
£13,000 when both parties are non-members

Association fee: £3,000 (plus any courier, room hire, paper charge)


Arbitration 126 Expedited Arbitration Procedure Rule fees

Arbitrator’s fee - No cap                                                              
Association fee - £700                                                               
Non-member’s fee - £1,500 each
Deposit - £8,000

Section 57 applications may be charged for