Gafta Approved Registers Webinar l 14 January 2021 l Online

A afternoon webinar covering an overview of the Gafta Approved Registers and standards more


Know Your Gafta Contracts seminar l 26 and 28 January 2021 l Online

A online practical introduction to Gafta contracts and clauses. more


Trade Foundation Course (GPD) | 27-30 April 2021 | London, UK

A four-day training course designed to give attendees a broad understanding of contracts and the legal aspects of commodity trading. more


Commodity Shipping (GPD) l 29-30 April 2021 l London, UK

An in-depth course covering aspects of shipping in the commodities sector. more


Commodity Contracts (GPD) l 13-14 May 2021 l Athens, Greece

An in-depth course covering contracts in the commodities sector. more