Gafta is an international trade association with over 1900 members in 100 countries. We offer a wide range of membership categories, including traders, brokers, superintendents, analysts, fumigators, arbitrators, individuals, professionals and branches of members.

Gafta membership is based on location (i.e. country). Membership benefits are available to employees of the member company in the country where its membership is held. For companies with offices in more than one country, each office will need to become a member for their employees to receive the benefits of membership. Key benefits include access to the members directory, which lists all current members, providing a support framework for international trade and a variety of members-exclusive benefits correlating to our six key services, which are set out below.

Six Reasons to Join Gafta


Gafta develops the standard forms of contracts on which it is estimated that 80% of the world’s trade in grain is shipped.
Gafta members can also become members of Gafta’s committees to ensure that these contracts remain current, party neutral and reflect trade practices.


Gafta operates an international dispute resolution service for contractual disputes. Awards can be enforced in 156 countries under the New York Convention.
Gafta members receive a discounted fee for the service and access to the defaulters list of companies who have not complied with an award.

Approved Registers

Gafta runs approved registers for superintendents, analysts, and fumigators, carrying out services in the trade.
Gafta members can be recognized as Gafta Approved Analysts, Approved Superintendents and Approved Fumigators, who are able to carry out work in compliance with Gafta contracts.

Trade Policy

Gafta's trade policy service represents members' views to authorities by providing informed opinions on legislative and policy developments. Gafta also publishes key industry data on the current grain market and updates on trade issues.
Gafta members can raise issues and influence policy with Gafta’s dedicated in-house expert.


Gafta runs the Distance Learning Programme (DLP) and Gafta Professional Development (GPD) to increase understanding of international trade practices and contractual issues.
Gafta members receive a substantial discount on training fees and the opportunity to train to become Gafta approved arbitrators.

Networking & Events

Gafta runs a range of seminars, black tie events and drinks receptions across the world to facilitate networking within the trade.
Gafta members receive discounted entry to events as well as access to members-only information services, and our bi-monthly newsletter Gaftaworld.

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